RARE Native Zuni Multi-stone Truck Vehicle by Jimmie Etsate (D) from 2011 C0277

  • $ 595.00

You are looking at an incredibly RARE Multi-stone Truck Vehicle Zuni Fetish made known carver - Jimmie Etsate.  Jimmie passed in 2013 and his carvings are extremely rare.  This Carving is 3.25" long, 1.65" wide and 1.5" tall.  This incredible carving features glass windshield and side windows, silver license plate, turquoise chunk cargo - nice grade, turquoise hood ornament and turquoise hub caps.  Bottom is signed Jimmie Etsate and dated 11 17 11.  I was fortunate to meet Jimmie a few times in Zuni and he was a lovely man.  Great opportunity to get a fantastic carving purchased directly from Jimmie in Zuni many years ago.  .