Zuni HUGE AMAZING Pink Chalcedony Multi-Totem Carving by Chris Cellicion C3971

  • $ 425.00

You are looking at an incredible X Large Museum Quality Pink Chalcedony Multi-animal Totem  Zuni fetish carving made by harder to find CARVER Chris Cellicion. Carving is 5" long and almost 2.75" tall and 2.25" wide. This is a gorgeous piece from Chris - one of his best works ever.  Carving includes 4 different animals - buffalo, horse, bear, mountain lion, eagle, wolf and a corn maiden and kiva.  Has turquoise and opal eyes, turquoise embellishments making up corn maiden necklace and amazing details!! Bottom is signed Chris Cellicion, Zuni Pueblo. Great opportunity to get a fantastic one of a kind carving!!  Direct from arist in Zuni.