Zuni Jasper Six Direction Fetish Set by Bryson Bobelu C0401

  • $ 275.00

You are looking at an incredible and unique Zuni Rock Six Direction Zuni Fetish set made by Hard to find carver Bryson Bobelu.  Carvings are all approximately 1 - 1.25" tall  and 1" wide.  Set includes: eagle with shell wings, mole and mountain lion, bear, wolf and badger.  All carvings have turquoise eyes and four have medicine bundles.  Very hard to find direction set!!  Bryson carves in the style of his grandfather Leekya.  Bryson does not do a lot of public carvings and to find him on ebay is VERY RARE!!  Take advantage of this opportunity.   Bottom is signed BB on each.  Great opportunity to get a fantastic carving set with great character!!