Zuni Mother of Pearl 2 Sided Corn Maiden Fetish by Stuart Quandelacy (D) C4600

  • $ 149.00

You are looking at a beautiful Native made Mother of Pearl Double Sided Corn Maiden with Olla offering ZUNI Fetish carving made by WELL KNOWN CARVER  - Stuart Quandelacy.  Stuart passed in 2022 and so getting a piece of his artwork is hard to find.  Carving is 2.5" tall by 1.1 and .75" deep.   Has  jet eyes, and coral, pipestone, jet and turquoise embellishments.  Has turquoise offering with coral chips.  Stuart was an amazing artist!!  This is signed Stu and purchased directly from Stuart at Zuni pre-Covid.  Great opportunity to get a fantastic carving!!