Zuni Mother of Pearl Fetish Necklace & Earrings Georgianna Quandelacy (D) JN237

  • $ 999.00

I am so sorry to say that I just returned from the Zuni pueblo and learned the very sad news that Georgianna passed away in July.  Her work is no longer available.  You are looking at a MUSEUM QUALITY Gorgeous Mother of Pearl Zuni hand carved Multi fetish necklace made by great Zuni artist - Georgianna Quandelacy.  This 26" hand strung necklace features 19 carved mother of pearl fetishes.  Main bear is 1.25" tall and 1.5" wide and includes turquoise eyes and heartline.  Necklace is made from hand cut heishi with turquoise, coral and spiny oyster accent beads and sterling silver cones and chain extender. This is a true statement piece.  Matching mother of pearl bear earrings that are .5" tall not including the hooks.  Amazing set!!!  Only all mother of pearl necklace I have been able to get from Georgianna.