About Us - Love for Native American Art: Jewelry, Carvings, Paintings - the people and culture

For over 15 years Carol and Jane have visited the Native American Indian Pueblos of the Southwest. They fell in love with each pueblo and their renowned unique and historic art forms - from the striking polychrome pottery of Acoma to the mosaic inlay jewelry of Santo Domingo, to the well-known carvings and fetishes of the Zuni. Over the years, many wonderful relationships have been developed with the artists and their families and Carol and Jane have participated in dinners, ceremonies, and rituals usually limited only to clan members. Through these relationships, they learned about each pueblo's unique artistic tradition and history, the significance of symbols and stones used, and the personal stories of many artists. Saddened by the lost artistic traditions, language and culture affecting many tribes, they began supporting many pueblos through their own art purchases and outreach activities such as supplying clothing & educational materials for children in pueblo and reservation schools. Most recently, they began this Website to promote knowledge, inspire passion and support to the many Native Artists who take pride in their work. They help sell native artwork for a kind and generous people who seek only a simple livelihood.

Carol and Jane purchase directly from the artists and pass on the best prices possible to customers. Each purchase helps support and promote the rich heritage of our Native American brothers and sisters. We are grateful to you who visit our site and enjoy the handmade crafts you select. Elah-kwa (thank you in Zuni).